The Fading Flower & Swallow the Sun

Two plays by national-award-winning playwright Mahonri Stewart

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The Fading Flower: Emma Smith had brought up her children to honor the memory of their father Joseph Smith, the martyred Mormon Prophet. Yet when her son David Hyrum Smith starts investigating the mysteries behind his father's involvement in polygamy and goes West to mingle with the "Brighamite" faction of Mormonism, Emma must confront a chapter in her life that she would have preferred to have left closed.

"Powerful and beautifully written . . . I am appreciative of Stewart's courage in writing this bold, candid, historically authentic work honoring Emma Hale Smith. The play is an important historical achievement."
—Nan McCulloch, Association for Mormon Letters

Swallow the Sun: Before he became one of the world's greatest defenders of Christianity and the beloved author of The Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. "Jack" Lewis was a staunch atheist. This is is the stirring and powerful story of his early life as he journeyed from entrenched skeptic to one of modern Christianity's most eloquent and courageous advocates.

"Intriguing and compelling production . . . the story line is wonderful. Swallow the Sun is an original play well worth seeing."
—Rodger L. Hardy, Deseret News

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