Millstone City

A novel by S. P. Bailey

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Elder Carson works in Olinda, an ancient city on the northeastern coast of Brazil. It is lush green, full of old churches and white-sand beaches and drug traffickers protecting their turf.

One night, Carson is homesick and wide awake. The midnight hour is humid and hot. It is February, and carnaval is in full swing. Carson gets up. He goes out alone. He finds a phone and calls his girlfriend back in Utah.

Things happen that night—bad things—before Carson can make it back to his apartment. The next thing Carson knows, he's a suspect in a murder investigation. And not only that—gangsters, extremely dangerous men, have taken a sudden interest in Elder Carson . . .

"In Millstone City, the LDS mission novel and the thriller collide to create something new: an intense, gritty story that is nevertheless shot through with resilience, honesty, optimism, and, yes, that certain willful naïveté that missionaries possess. Call it Mormon neo-noir. Or full-throttle faithful realism."

—William Morris, founder of the Mormon arts and culture blog A Motley Vision

"It isn't often that a thrill ride of a read is as literary as it is escapist, but Bailey's novel meets that mark. Millstone City so captivated me that I gave up a night's sleep to read it, cover to cover."

—Lisa Torcasso Downing, author and Sunstone fiction editor

"This novel is a great read on several levels. The conflict between holy desires and the unholy world creates much of the story's tension. But the reasons you'll want to read this book include its nonstop acceleration, constant switchbacks, and overall edge-of-your-seatiness. It's a thrilling read and nearly impossible to put down once you start."

—Theric Jepson, coeditor of Monsters & Mormons

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