Kindred Spirits

A novel by Christopher Kimball Bigelow

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Born and bred deep in Mormon Utah, thirty-something Eliza Spainhower has carved out an independent life for herself in Boston. While still believing in the faith of her childhood, she has recently fallen into fornication and been disfellowshipped from the LDS Church. Trying to repent, she connects with local native Eric Abercrombie on the subway, and soon she's prodding him in a race against hormones as the couple navigates Mormon baptism-and-wedding hurdles.

Further complicating matters are Eric's adopted daughter Manda, his bossy ex-wife Helen, and Manda's Wiccan birth mother Kindra, all three of whom live together. As Eliza tries to establish her place in Eric's improbable clan, she's forced to reckon with her Mormon identity and her sometimes-overactive religious imagination in unsettling new ways. Her journey of spiritual and physical passion is fraught with frottage, Mormon-style guilt, otherworldly visions, ministrations of evil spirits, and culture clashes between Mormonism and Wiccanism, all shot through with simmering intimations of polygamy that eventually reach a crisis point.

"I know a book has struck a nerve when, after I finish, I feel so intimately connected to the characters that I half-expect them to meet me for lunch. The cast is phenomenally crafted—these people are real. In Kindred Spirits, Bigelow serves up ideologic meat, yet I often found myself chuckling."
—Lisa Torcasso Downing, author

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Trade paperback
284 pages
ISBN 978-0-9787971-2-6

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