Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction

Edited by Angela Hallstrom
Introduction by Margaret Blair Young

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Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction anthologizes the best Mormon short stories written near the turn of the twenty-first century. Each of the extraordinary twenty-eight stories in this volume represents a potent individual voice, from popular and nationally acclaimed authors Brady Udall and Orson Scott Card, to well-respected Mormon literature veterans Douglas Thayer and Margaret Blair Young, to talented up-and-coming writers Lisa Madsen Rubilar and Todd Robert Petersen, and many more.

Taken individually, each story is an example of the surprise and power and even joy readers can find in a finely wrought piece of short fiction. Considered collectively, these stories herald a new era of excellence in Mormon literature. As Margaret Blair Young writes in her introduction, "In Dispensation, Angela Hallstrom has assembled twenty-eight gems—each a star in a brilliant constellation. This particular collection is a pinnacle."

The following authors have stories appearing in this landmark 482-page volume:

Lee Allred
Matthew James Babcock
Phyllis Barber
Orson Scott Card
Mary Clyde
Arianne Cope
Darin Cozzens
Lisa Torcasso Downing
Brian Evenson
Angela Hallstrom
Jack Harrell
Lewis Horne
Helen Walker Jones
Bruce Jorgensen
Laura McCune-Poplin
Larry Menlove
Coke Newell
Todd Robert Petersen
Levi Peterson
Paul Rawlins
Karen Rosenbaum
Lisa Madsen Rubilar
Eric Samuelsen
Darrell Spencer
Douglas Thayer
Stephen Tuttle
Margaret Blair Young
Brady Udall

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482 pages
ISBN 978-0-9843603-0-7


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